Saturday, March 17, 2018

Darcy's Corner: Airlines and Pets

In view of the United Airlines pet tragedy this week - actually three of them - we wanted you to know the guidelines for each airlines. Here is a great article from Bring Fido:

Airline Pet Policies
Planning to fly with your dog? While air travel can be a quick way to get Fido from one place to another, you should know that every airline has different rules about transporting pets. Some allow small dogs to travel in the aircraft cabin as part of your carry-on luggage allowance, while others will only allow pets to travel in the cargo area, and fees can vary from nothing at all to more than $500. Also, most airlines only allow one or two dogs on each flight, so always make sure a "seat" is available for your dog BEFORE buying your own ticket.

To take off without a hitch, please read our Ten Tips for Flying with Fido, and familiarize yourself with current U.S. Travel Regulations or International Pet Travel restrictions before you go. Have a great trip!

Friday, March 16, 2018

If you live in Manatee or Sarasota counties in the west coast of sunny Florida and have pets, you will be familiar with the awesome Suncoast Pet publication. You can pick these free magazines up at almost any veterinarian's office or pet related stores. You can also check them out on line at: I was lucky enough to talk to the amazing woman who puts her heart and soul into Suncoast Pet. Sit down, grab a snack and relax as you listen to my interview with Candace Botha! Listen to "PET EDU" on Spreaker.

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Professional Pet Sitter's Week

This is Professional Pet Sitter's Week which was created in 1995 by Pet Sitter's International to honor the hard work of professional pet sitters! I am talking to Beth Stultz form PSI. She shares with us the many wonderful educational opportunities for professional pet sitters and pet parents alike. Grab your snacks and put your feet up and listen to a great interview! Listen to "BETH STULTZ" on Spreaker.

Pa. bill would require pet stores to get dogs, cats, rabbits from shelters and rescues

WRIGHTSVILLE, Pa. (WHTM) – Two Pennsylvania lawmakers are sponsoring a bill cracking down on the sale of puppy mill animals at pet stores.

The numerals 260 are stamped inside Frankie’s ear from being in a Lancaster County puppy mill. Another dog, Yankee, was debarked during his time in the mill.

“They’re filthy. The dogs are literally living in their own excrement,” said Kate DePasquale, with A Tail to Tell Puppy Mill Rescue.

DePasquale rescued the two puppy mill dogs. Yankee spent around five years in a puppy mill and was debarked there. He now enjoys a good life with his human mom at their Wrightsville home.

Pennsylvania has 12 of the 100 puppy mills on the Humane Society of the United States Horrible Hundred List. Seven of those are in Lancaster County.

“People really don’t understand where the puppies are coming from,” DePasquale said. “I think a lot of people ask the right questions, and I think that they’re misled.”

“Senator Reschenthaler and Representative Ortitay’s Puppy Retail Sales Bill is currently getting co-sponsors,” said Kristen Tullo, Pennsylvania director for the Humane Society of the United States.

Yankee is the poster dog for that bill and will campaign for it at the state Capitol.

The bill would do three things. The first is require pet stores sell dogs, cats, and rabbits from shelters and rescues. They could not come from large-scale puppy mills.

“No longer would you be able to sell dogs, cats, and rabbits at outdoor venues like flea markets,” Tullo said.

That’s the second element of the bill.

“Any licensed breeder would be required to advertise that license when advertising an animal,” Tullo said when discussing the third item.

The bill would not prohibit mom-and-pop stores from breeding.

“Responsible breeders and mom-and-pop stores do not sell to pet stores,” Tullo said.

“Some of these puppy mill animals live by themselves in tiny wire cages without windows. It’s completely dark in there. It’s just completely unacceptable,” DePasquale said.

The House bill already has dozens of co-sponsors. Both the Senate and House bills are expected to be introduced within the next few weeks. New York and New Jersey have a similar bill.

Petco sent abc27 News the following statement:

“Petco has never sold dogs or cats in our stores and we stopped selling rabbits in 2008. We believe in a “Think Adoption First” philosophy, which means we encourage anyone looking to add a new pet to their family to consider adopting a homeless animal. Together, Petco and the Petco Foundation partner with thousands of local animal welfare groups across the country and, through in-store adoption events, help find homes for more than 400,000 animals every year.”