Monday, June 15, 2015

Hi I’m Mr. Boot’s, a big muscle man.  But don’t let my size fool you.  I’m really a big love bug once I really get to know you.  I was born into a feral community or some might say stray.  I was fortunately neutered but left to defend for food and shelter on my own.  Until one day I was traveling and met a nice woman that fed, medicated, and took me to the vet’s but most important she taught me that I could trust humans.  She also introduced me to a Mamma cat and her babies that she was feeding hoping we would bond so I wouldn’t be alone anymore.   Once I felt accepted by Mamma and the babies I started to protect them from all wild animals and feral cats.  I cleaned the babies and Mama as they were my own. Finally I belonged… And we became a pack.  We traveled together and protected each other such a nice feeling to finally belong for once in my life!  We would come over to the wonderful woman’s house that fed us wet & dry food, and temptations YUM!  And she even gave us catnip which I really love but not allowed to have currently at our new home at Cat Depot. I might get too wild!  Every night we would spend the night and enjoy a wonderful breakfast.  But she didn’t like us crossing the busy road after breakfast.  My new friend Mamma always wanted to cross in hopes where she use to live her owners would finally be home to let her in.  But it never happened.  I really don’t know what is worse never having a family or having a family that never cared enough to take you with them… But I would play along because maybe her dream would come true. 

But we all knew we had a new person that truly loved us.  But unfortunately she had other pets in the home and they didn’t have enough room for all of us.  She starting searching for the perfect place for us to live and that was Cat Depot!  Mamma’s babies were adopted and now it’s just Mamma and me.  While we are comfortable here, we really want to find a forever home with owners that will play and love us as much as we do them.  Come and meet us and remember the life we have had.  Introduce yourself calmly so we feel comfortable and safe.  If you are right for us we will love you unconditionally making you smile and laugh.  Mamma and I think you are the ones we have been waiting for.  Come see us and say “Let’s Go Home”!!

The lovely lady that took care of these babies and visits them at Cat Depot all the time is Susan Gowell who also wrote this post!

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