Monday, November 13, 2017

Making Treats With Your Dog

Making Treats With Your Dog

If you are looking for instructions on how to make the perfect treats for your dog...this is not the article for you! If you want a good laugh and want to see my first attempt at this machine, stay with me!

  I was recently on an overnight with two of my favorite clients. We were looking for something fun to do when I looked down and saw Penny showing me this instruction book. You see, Penny is very food motivated much like myself and I knew I would love whatever she picked out because I knew it would involve food!

What a genius idea!! Let's see what Lexi has to say!

 Aunt Mary...I love all the cute little shapes! Look...there is a fire hydrant shape! Makes me want to go outside first.....pleeeeze??

 Okay girls....get ready to help your stations!

We have to use only the finest ingredients and they need to be dog friendly. No chocolate chips will be in these cookies but look what we do have.....

Oatmeal is great for dogs! We will also use wheat flour, applesauce, olive oil and water.  Penny wants to add whatever is in the fridge but I talked her out of it!

Lexi is waiting patiently for the machine to heat up as I try to pour the batter in the molds. I did discover that I needed more water than what I had and that a squeeze bottle would be much  better than the spoon I was using. Of course, licking the spoon wouldn't happen if I had a bottle and the girls loved licking the spoon!

Ms. Penny is always anxious when there is food around but even she got tired of waiting for the cookies to cook. She decided to lay down and stare at me like she always does when there is food around!

The time had come for all of us to taste the finished product. Lexi went first and she ate it without a hitch. Penny was next and she gulped it down. (That is normal for her).  I decided to try it myself. Hmmm...not too bad but I didn't enjoy them as much as the girls did. I would have liked to use artificial sweetner but that's not good for dogs.'s not good for us either!

So this is what they looked like. As I said before, a squeeze bottle would have worked much better. They were soft and not as hard as I thought they would be. The girls still loved them but they pretty much love everything! All in all, it was a good time for the three of us this evening....I think I will try a different recipe next they make dog friendly chocolate chips???

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